Secure Delivery Services

Valley Home Check (VHC) is pleased to announce a new service to the Comox Valley, Secure Delivery Services (SDS)

VHC’s Secure Delivery Services’ (SDS) objective is to provide secure delivery services to clients in the Comox Valley and surrounding communities who cannot be at the delivery location to accept the merchandise.

Individual clients can contact VHC to arrange the delivery of parcels/packages, furniture, or items of value. VHC will oversee the delivery into the client’s house, storage unit, garage, or other secure location.

Clients will provide VHC with a key, lock box PIN, or access code to the location. VHC will meet the delivery company at the location and complete the delivery. Obtaining keys, codes or PINS will be done in person or through a secure service.

VHC can arrange the pick-up of the merchandise from the delivery service warehouse and oversee the delivery. Clients will need to provide a Letter of Authorization for this service.

If furniture or other merchandise need to be assembled, VHC will contact the appropriate contractor(s) to complete the task. VHC will oversee the assembly and provide a report to the client.