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Did you know that when you leave your apartment or townhome unattended for extended periods of time, your insurance may be voided if an incident occurs.

If damages extend to other units, insurance companies may sue you to cover the cost of restoring the unit(s) affected.

Valley Home Check (VHC) will inspect your unit on a regular basis minimizing the risk of your insurance company rejecting your claim in the event of an incident.

VHC will conduct a risk assessment to eliminate any potential sources of damage and will form a strategy to meet your insurance and Strata requirements.

You can leave with a peace of mind knowing you have a security licenced home check specialists looking after your home while receiving regular customized, detailed reports.

Regular checks include:

  • Ensuring windows and doors are secure.
  • Ensuring appliances are working (refrigerators/freezers).
  • Shutting off water to unit and turning back on prior to arrival if requested.
  • Checking refrigerator contents for expired and perishable items.
  • Ensuring heating and plumbing are functioning including regular flushing.
  • Shutting off electrical or gas to hot water tank and turning back on prior to arrival.
  • Replacing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries.
  • Adjusting temperature after departure or prior to arrival.
  • Collecting and forwarding mail and clearing newspapers as necessary.
  • Checking to see if yard is in need of maintenance.
  • Checking vehicles left on site. VHC encourages vehicle owners to use trickle chargers.
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Providing detailed reports via email after each check.
  • Setting up lights and timers if requested
  • Minor maintenance

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Property management and strata managers

VHC will work with Property Management companies and Strata Mangers to design strategies to cover apartment budlings and townhome complexes to minimize risk of potential downgrading incidents.

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