Owners on Vacation

Whether you are taking a short break,  annual vacation or heading south for the winter, you need to be sure that your home is safe, secure and meeting home insurance policy requirements.
Home Monitoring 
Flexible and tailored to suit your needs, the frequency of checks is determined by your personal choice and your insurance requirements.

Contact Info

E-mail: info@valleyhomecheck.com
Phone: 1-250-897-3349
Cell: 1-250-465-2578


“Thank you again for your great services; it absolutely helped in having a worry-free vacation.” Sandra, Courtenay

Regular Checks Include:

  • Appliances in working order (refrigerators/freezers)
  • Main water shut-off, turned back on upon arrival
  • Check refrigerator contents for expired items and perishables
  • Heating and plumbing (including regular flushing)
  • Hot water tank electrical breaker/gas shut off, turned back on
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector battery replacement
  • Airing of home prior to return/heating switched on
  • Windows and doors secured
  • Mail/Newspaper Collection and Forwarding
  • Home exterior (checking for weather damage, blockages)
  • Yard in need of maintenance
  • Vehicles, boats left on site
  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants
  • Regular reports via email
Making sure windows are secured

Additional Client Services Available:

  • Key holder for alarm systems*
  • Yard maintenance arranged
  • Snow removal arranged
  • Light house cleaning arranged
  • Arrange and supervise service people on site
  • Unscheduled opening/closing of your home
  • Drive-by inspection after severe weather events

While you’re away you can feel confident that your home is being regularly monitored and maintained by people who take their work seriously.

*Alarm Response Key Holder: Valley Home Check and staff members are not contracted to be on call 24/7 and therefore cannot be held responsible if they are unable to respond to an emergency call out.