Vacant Homes

Definition of a Vacant Home: Vacant home means all occupants have moved out (and are not returning) or occupants have not yet moved in. A home could still have furnishings, and be considered vacant.

If your home is vacant for any of the following reasons, we can help.

  • Home is in the probate process.
  • Home is for sale
  • Home is in the process of closing or awaiting arrival of new owners
  • Home is undergoing revised financial arrangements
  • Temporary relocation due to work obligations or Military deployment

Valley Home Check works with you and real estate companies, financial institutions, law firms, and insurance companies to create customized Home Check Reports for vacant homes. Securing your home and providing you with a peace of mind during these challenging times are Valley Home Check’s main priorities.

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“Thank you Valley Home Check for your exceptional service and support, it is always greatly appreciated!”
Cheryl C, Courtenay

Valley Home Check -Referral

Seven months ago I reached out to Valley Home Check desperate for help.  My father had died quite suddenly and his wife was in care which meant I needed somebody to watch over his home until I made multiple difficult decisions.

I have to say that Robert McLennan was an angel sent to me at an incredibly tough time in my life.  He promptly met with me and agreed to take on the task of watching over the house and property while I returned to Ontario to plan next steps.

During the time I was away he proved to be a conscientious, careful, and warm person that treated my father’s home as if it were his own.  He sent me regular and complete check lists of the particulars regarding the house complete with photos and alerting me to issues with the house and grounds that went well beyond what I expected from him.  I always felt well informed and supported.  He arranged lawn care, met with trades people and realtors as I required.  He was always happy to help anytime I reached out to him and I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through this time without him.

Robert once told me that his goal was to be the best in the Comox Valley.  Well congratulations Robert, I’d say you’re there! 

Best Regards – Janice E.